Four Benefits of 5G

With the rapidly rising levels of data consumption across the globe and the use of data-intensive applications, the need for faster cellular connectivity is higher than ever. This is where 5G comes into play. 5G offers a 10x speedup from 4G and enables a new kind of network designed to connect everyone and everything more than ever before.

Four added benefits of 5G are:

1. Enhanced Capacity

5G is able to deliver high speed to a large number of users simultaneously. This means individuals are able to use their phones in crowded areas without frustrating slowdowns and businesses are able to expand the devices and the technology they utilize with fewer setbacks.

2. Massive Connectivity

The amount of connected devices increases greatly with 5G. Additionally, all connected devices now have access to instant connections to the internet and are able to exchange information with each other. Think of a common household with multiple devices communicating with each other, like their smart fridge and their Amazon Alexa device and the efficiency that comes along with this.

3. Low Latency

When using our phone and computers we expect our apps to download instantly and for our search results to pop up at the blink of an eye. Latency is time between sending information and the response. The lower the latency, the faster your app downloads. 5G promises lower latency which will have an impact on not only our personal devices, but on the performance of newer, revolutionary technologies such as self-driving cars.

4. Power Efficiency And Efficient Energy Use  

The focus on smart energy network infrastructure, energy allocation, and power-saving features such as “sleep modes” allows for 5G networks to be up to 90% more energy efficient per traffic unit than 4G networks. This results in less energy consumption and a greener network.

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