Who We Are

RUBRIC was founded by a group of seasoned Business and Technology executives to help guide and support organizations to securely implement the right balance of process discipline, business insights, and technology to not only drive securely continuous improvement to both their internal operations driving efficiency in the enterprise but enhancing the customer’s experience. 

Our Methodology

With our deep understanding and proven methodology in a vast array of industries, we properly access workflows and data to create the appropriate insights, enabling the organization to have the flexibility to adapt and drive automation at the right touchpoint enhancing the clients experience, adoption, and driving internal efficiency within your organization, resulting in the enablement of a “High Performing,” workforce. 

The secret To Our success

Our thought leadership partners with you to develop a strategy/roadmap to enable the adoption of an agile culture at all levels (CEO, Business Leaders, Stakeholders and clerical) to execute the transformation of your ecosystem within your enterprise. The adoption of this proven methodology results in enhanced customer experience, creating a culture of agility, growth, strong but balance governance model, improved productivity, service, by focusing on the correct prioritization of projects thus properly focusing your investments, maximizing the return on your investment, resulting in increased profitability, or reinvesting all if not a portion of the realized savings to further drive modernization and disruption throughout your industry.